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Branding Identity • 2011

The final dynamic identity created for geores.

Geores is an Italian company that deals with concrete activities on geotech, hydrogeology and geophisics - some of their clients are Eni, Enel and Johnson&Johnson.


I had the pleasure to work on this branding while I was working at the agency Cappelli Identity Design with the role of Art Director. The main purpose of this project on brand and corporate image is to show the stratification of different elements in a smart way. I decided to create a visual system that generates a sphere through the gradual overlapping of the elements.

The movement that generates this shape, a rotation on a 23° axis, references the angle of descent of the earth’s axis and strenghtens the link between the brand and the Earth.

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  • Above
    The different variations of branding for the others departments.
    Above and below
    A few example of the brand identity applied on a car, in the corporate identity and a notebook.