Product design • 2011/2015


THE ICONIC launched in 2011 under e-commerce incubator Rocket Internet GmBh. It is one of Australia’s largest online fashion retailers creating a growing home-based fashion community and quickly became a household name with over 90% brand recognition.

Responsive website

The brief was to redesign the e-commerce experience addressing the mobile web experience (previously just a stand alone version for mobile viewers only).

A part from the obvious challeges we had to face a few additional ones specific to an e-commerce application - for example we knew that the page speed had to feel fast on every device so we couldn't use large images, the branding and UI needed to be to be recognisable at any scale so we decide to reduce the amount of "visual elements" down to the necessary and we introduce a new custom font that included all the icons all the shapes required for the website.

  • Icon Design
  • UI/UX
  • Wireframing
  • Above
    Some of the icons that I've created for the website. The icons have been translated into a typeface to improve the speed and the consistency of the website.

    iOS App

    The direction was to create an App that was fast, stable, easy to shop and most importantly, have a native checkout which enabled the customer to buy using just two taps (in the old App the checkout was a webview of the website).

  • UI/UX Design
  • User Research
  • Animations
  • THE ICONIC App Sketches
    Some layouts of the main phases. The checkout step needed to accomodate variable shipping options, payment options, voucher and gift cart discounts.
    The final design for the primary screens of the new iOS App for THE ICONIC.