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Art director • 2011/15

The final logo created for THE ICONIC.

THE ICONIC launched in 2011 under e-commerce incubator Rocket Internet GmBh. It is one of Australia’s largest online fashion retailers creating a growing home-based fashion community and quickly became a household name with over 90% brand recognition.


A new brand

The branding objective was to create an icon, representative of both premium and mainstream, fashion and sport, that could support the future growth of various departments under THE ICONIC umbrella. When creating the visual identity from a technical perspective, I built a foundation that would enable it to be recognised across all platforms

  • Branding
  • Typography
  • Identity
  • Above
    The logo is a custom serif typeface based on a geometric sans serif. The aim was to find the right balance between an exclusive fashion label and a contemporary digital brand.
    The pattern design created for the Gift Paper based on the typeface and the three primary colours selected for the identity.

    TVC Campaign

    Part of the brand re-launching was a multi-channel campaign across TVC, PR, Radio and Print. My role, in collaboration with the agency Joy, was concepting the creativity from stage one to the final output. It tells a story of emerging (For the new Icons of Fashion) - becoming your true self through fashion.

    As part of this project I've extened the visual identity introducing a new device - the rectangle "Frame" serves to highlight the emerging concept.

  • Photography
  • Art Direction
  • Visual Identity
  • Above
    The "Frame" and the tagline used for the campaign.
    Two applications, one for a fashion and one for sport, using the of the "Frame" and the new branding.