Campaign Monitor

Branding • 2016

The final logo designed for
company is a start up launched by Taryn Williams and Aurelien Labonne that aims to revolutionise the modelling and talent industry by removing hidden commissions and bias, empowering users of the platform with the information and facts they need to make informed decisions about their next job or casting.

A new brand needed a fashionable brand that could represent the concept of choosing the perfect talent for the job. I designed the branding and the identity - creating a recognizable visual language for online and offline applications.

  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Icons Design
  • Above
    A simplified variation of the logomark designed to support small applications.
    The pattern works in parallel with the logomark to define the identity and the yellow dot represents the right talent selected. The pattern can be applied in different ways based on the usage.
    An example of the identity applied, using multiple images in conjunction with the logomark and the pattern.
    The icon design is based on the primary typeface Brandon - maintaining the same boldness and roundness as the typeface.