My name is Francesco De Chirico. I am an Italian designer & creative art director living in Sydney. With close to 10 years experience in the field, I create digital branding experiences for big and small companies. I am keen on ideas, method, culture, honesty and humility.
2011 – 2012

The Iconic is Australia’s largest online fashion retailer. It launched in 2011 and quickly became a household name with over 80% brand recognition in under 2 years. When creating the logo from a technical perspective, I built a foundation that would enable it to be recognised across all platforms. The branding objective was to create an icon, representative of both premium and mainstream fashion, that supports the future growth of various departments under The Iconic umbrella.

2010 – 2011

Geores is an Italian company that deals with concrete activities on geotech, hydrogeology and geophisics. The main purpose of this project on brand and corporate image is to show the stratification of different elements in a smart way. I decided to create a visual system that generates a sphere through the gradual overlapping of the elements.

The movement that generates this shape, a rotation on a 23° axis, references the angle of descent of the earth’s axis and strenghtens the link between the brand and the Earth.

Tab – Brand Identity – Dynamic brand
2011 – 2012

The TAB project is a startup in the tourism sector. In this case, I decided not to start from the semiotic, chromatic and typographical analysis to build the brand, but from the processs, the method and data processing. So I studied a system able to create a number of different variations of the same brand, and every version of the brand has been influenced by the data it receives. Data is sourced from the customer (t-shirt colours, numbers of passengers etc) and this in turn is used to generate the current identity. This process creates an infinite loop between the customer and the brand.

zanui – Brand Identity

Zanui is a fast-growing, e-commerce store specialising in homewares and furniture. The branding and identity of Zanui was entirely custom made, reflecting the palette and style of the product displayed. In addition, the website was designed utilising a number of key UX practices on large retail sites.

MUSEO H. C. ANDERSEN Web Site - Web Identity
2011 – 2012

Museo H. C. Anderson (museum) is an important institution where works of the writer and sculptor Hendrik Christian Andersen are preserved.